Institute for Head and Neck Immunology & Nutrition


This private institute is the first private institute allied to a clinic in Japan.
Our clinic provides new tests and treatments based on the novel medical findings, since this clinic has a big medical basic research laboratory.
We can detect and quantify a lot of proteins and genes from various specimens, and can also culture live cells and tissues in vitro.
Our lab also collaborates with other universities, institutes and labs all over the world.

In this institute, we have "Institutional Review Board (IRB) for medical researches using human samples" to evaluate ethical validation based on the law in Japan.
Members and details of the Board is "here".

Our institution have conducted these following projects approved by IRB (Written in Japanese).

  • Immunological evaluation and monitoring in peripheral blood and clinical data in patients with various diseases.

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  • Immunohistochemical and genetic analyses of pathological and cytological samples from patients.

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  • Anti-tumor immune response in autologous system using peripheral blood and primary immortal culture cells from healthy donor.

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  • Diagnosis of vertigo, dizziness and hearing loss caused by peripheral circulatory insufficiency using carotid and vertebral artery ultrasound.

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Members of our institutional review board

▼Medical and natural scientist

  • ・Daisuke Tokita,

    :Professor, Tokyo Women's Medical University (chairman)

  • ・Kyoichi Kaira,

    :Professor, Saitama Medical University

  • ・Gota Tsuda,

    :Chief Director, Seirei Sakura Citizen Hospital

  • ・Shinsuke Suzuki,

    : Associate Professor, Akita University

  • ・Yujiro Ochiai,

    :Associate Professor, Otsuma Women's University

  • ・Koichi Sakakura,

    :President, Institute for Head and Neck Immunology and Nutrition (vice chairman)

  • ・Miku Moteki,

    :Vice Director, Gunma ENT Clinic & Lab

▼Specialist of nomology and cultural/ social science

  • ・Jiro Higuchi,

    :Lawyer, Minami-Aoyama J&M General Law Firm

  • ・Yutaka Shimizu,

    :Lawer, Tokyo Marunouchi Law Firm

▼Representatives of ordinary person

  • ・Kazuhito Shimizu,

    :Managing Director, Shimizu Home

  • ・Nao Kamiya,

    :Part-time lecturer, Musashino Gakuin University

Oepning Hours & Check-In


Closed on Wednesday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and Sunday/national holiday. Friday morning is only for patients with special appointment for examination or surgery.
* First time visitors must register 15 minutes before the end of the consultation.