Regional Center for Eating & Swallowing


Regional Center for Eating & Swallowing

Our doctor can visit your home or facility (round visit in a facility is also available) and see you.
If your home or facility is within 16km from our clinic, public health insurance can be applied to the consultation without transportation fee.
However, patients in 17km and over form our clinic cannot be applicable to the public health insurance (you have to pay 100%).
Certainly, the doctor can also give you appropriate advice in eating, swallowing and prevention of aspiration pneumonia.

Special consultation for eating and swallowing
Our doctor specializes in eating and swallowing disorder (dysphagia), and accepts one-hour specific consultation at the clinic on Friday morning.

First, you need to get an appointment by phone:027-381-5108

The patient should be accompanied by families, caregivers and/or a dietician at the appointment.
If available, please take your daily and difficult food in Tupperwares to our clinic at that time.

Oepning Hours & Check-In


Closed on Wednesday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and Sunday/national holiday. Friday morning is only for patients with special appointment for examination or surgery.
* First time visitors must register 15 minutes before the end of the consultation.